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52 on Friday (2) Newness

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is Newness.  Yes, we certainly have a little bit of newness in our home right now, a brand new baby girl.  I had her just barely two months old.  While most people call her Sydney, to us she goes by “Itty Bitty Cocoa Puff,” “Littlest Baby,” “Little Miss Squeaky,” “Sydney Baby,” and “Bitsy.”  Yes, Sydney is still very Itsy Bitsy.  She has an older sister who simply adores her and could stare at her all day long.  Frankly, I could too.  I look into her eyes and just melt.  I hold her and never want to let her go.  And she’s not just new to us, but we’re also new to her.  I wonder what goes through that little mind of hers as she looks out onto the world trying to piece together the puzzle and figuring out where she fits in.  Right now she knows we love her, she knows that for sure.

P.S. I really wanted to get my two year little boy in these pictures, but he was being a little stinker.  So this time, Hayley had her new baby sister all to herself.

Next up in the blog circle is Dana Cubbagehttp://www.danacubbagephotography.com/blog/?p=5138.


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