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Fifty-Two on Friday (30) Discovery

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is Discovery.  At ages two and four my kids are always discovering something new whether it be at the park, the zoo, the shopping mall (lots to discover and bring home there), or even just picking up a loaf of bread at the market.  I love watching their little minds try to internalize and make sense of everything.  And oh how they love to go places!

This summer we took the kids on weekend trip to Austin, Texas.  While we’ve been to Austin many times, there’s still parts of Austin we have yet to discover.  And Austin’s famous Zilker Park was one of them.  While there was so much to discover, my kids were most enamored with one particular discovery . . . the balloon twister!  Maybe it was his bright colored clothes, or his jolly happy face, or the balloon creations he magically made right before their eyes, but my kids were mesmerized.  For them, this was one cool discovery.

Next check out Lynn, from Bugsmom Photography in New Jersey to she what she has discovered: http://thebugsmommy.wordpress.com.

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