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52 on Friday (39) Paper

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is PAPER.  And, yes, I have a crazy PAPER fetish.  All throughout the year I collect paper, tiny scrapes of paper (park admission tickets, napkins, to-go menus, ticket stubs, maps, wrist bands, subway passes, you name it).  And then once a year I pull it all out . . . just before our wedding anniversary and make something pretty sentimental . . . a photo book of all our little fun adventures of the past year.  It’s one of the few times each year when I’m forced to pull my photos off the computer and actually make use of them.  It’s funny that in this digital age we take more pictures than ever before (thousands upon thousands each year), but most lay dormant on our computers.  It’s nice to have a reason every year to print off those photos, glue them to paper, and make something truly memorable (at least to us).

Next up in the blog circle is the very talented Lynn from Bugsmom Photography, NJ, http://thebugsmommy.wordpress.com.

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