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52 on Friday (5) On the Shelf

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is On the Shelf.  My kids love HEB and grabbing things off the shelves. Next to Disneyland, our local HEB market may be the happiest place on earth.   And it’s easy to see why.  They are greeted at the door with a shiny red balloon (although not yesterday due to a helium storage).  The shopping carts are in the shapes of little cars.  It’s as if the kids have their own designated race course through the aisles.  There’s food samples all throughout the store (orange juice, soup, pizza, sushi, tortillas, cookies, ham, crackers, soda, skillet meals, etc.)  My kids literally eat lunch here.  And they each get to pick one treat to take home.  Hayley was so excited when she found her “Dora cereal” that she did a little happy dance right in the aisle.  Check-out is the best part because each kid receives two “Buddy Bucks,” which means two spins at the wheel and a chance to win the ever-coveted sticker!  Yes, my son likes to display his proudly!


Continue the circle to see what Dana Cubbage | Charleston SC Pet Photographer has on her

shelf: http://www.danacubbagephotography.com/blog/?p=5561.

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