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52 on Friday (50) Remember & Reflect

The last and final Fifty-Two on Friday theme for 2011 is Remember & Reflect.  And I must admit one of the best things I did this year was the Fifty-Two on Friday project.  It was so challenging at times (uncooperative weather, fussy kids, vacations, family in town, morning sickness, having a baby, etc.), but looking back on it all it was oh so worth it.  I think of all the fun things I did with my kiddos that I may not have otherwise captured were it not for this project.  I made a commitment to post each and every week and I pulled it off!!!  Whoa hoa!

And in terms of what I’d change for next year . . . it would definitely be to spend more time with my family, namely my husband and our three kiddos.  I made the decision midway through this past year to stop shooting professionally and it was the best decision I could have made.  I soon realized that all my free time was spent behind the computer editing photos of other people’s kids rather than photographing and spending time with my own.  It was hard to give up the extra income and I know this isn’t the right decision for everybody, but it was the right decision for me.  And even though my kids still run from the camera, I think they might be coming around.:) Here’s to some of my favorite Fifty-Two on Friday memories of 2011!

Take one last lap around the circle for 2011: Lynn, Bugsmom Photography, NJ. http://thebugsmommy.wordpress.com.

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