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52 on Friday (7) Love

With Valentine’s Day still in the air, it’s only fitting that this week’s Fifty-two on Friday theme be Love!  And what do my husband and I love more than anything in the entire world?!  Our three little kiddos.  They’re my whole world.  It’s amazing to me how much my heart continues to expand with each and every child.  Just when I think it isn’t possible to love them any more, the next day my love for them grows.  I love their little faces and their little expressions.  They are so silly, so happy, and just love being alive!!!  Fill the room with a dozen or so balloons and stick them in their matching Valentine’s jammies, and they couldn’t be happier. Even our littlest is starting to smile and giggle.  Love. Love. Love.

Next up in the blog circle is Gretchen Green Ceranic.  Continue the circle to see what she loves about life!

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