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Avatar in 3D {Houston Couples Photographer}

So my husband FINALLY convinced me to go see the movie Avatar.  He had seen it before and seriously talks about the movie every other day! But, I am SO NOT a science fiction fan and even the previews turned me off!  But, I thought since he went to see the movie “Valentine’s Day” with me  – on Valentine’s Day – I kind of owed it to him to see Avatar.

So, we decided to do Avatar all out with the 3D glasses, big bucket of popcorn, sodas, and candy.  And, I must say, we had so much fun!  The movie was really cool!   The special effects alone were UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Yep, James Cameron has done it again!!!  Oh, I am so glad we kept our nifty, cool, and stylish 3D glasses!

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