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California Dreamin’

These kids were all born and raised in California!  What a dream!!!  So when their mom asked me to do a photo shoot of the three of them, it was only fitting that we do the shoot near the beach.  I LOVE beach sessions.  And, if you haven’t noticed by the pictures, these kids LOVE ice cream!!!  So, when their mom told them that she was going to buy some ice cream for the shoot, they were totally baffled and completely giddy at the same time, “What?!  You mean we get to eat ice cream while we are having our picture taken?!?!  Really?!?!  Sweet!!!”  Yep, once they knew ice cream was in the cards, it wasn’t hard to get these three to smile!

So parents, when you are thinking of fun ideas for your next photo shoot, think of things your kids LOVE to do!  And let’s gear the photo shoot (or at least part of it), around letting your kids do what they love most!  Your kids and your pictures will thank you!!

Here’s some of my favorites from that day, but there were SO MANY great ones:

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