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Anything But Boring {Houston, Texas Family Photographer}

When I was talking this mom about the shoot and asking her about her family and their interests, she kept laughing and saying, “We’re boring, really we’re boring. I promise, we’re boring.”  I knew it wasn’t true. We’ve been friends with this family for close to three years and they are always the life of […]

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Hugs and Giggles {Houston, Texas Family Photographer}

In all my time as a photographer I’ve never before had someone little, who I’ve never met, jump out of the car and run up and give me a hug!  But, that’s exactly what this little girl did.  I loved it!  She was so cute. Usually I have to warm up to kids . . […]

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Fun Times Four {Houston, TX Family Photographer}

This blog post perhaps should be titled “Fun Times Five” because I had more fun on this shoot than perhaps any other. The parents were so laid back and relaxed and the two kiddos were happy as can be.  I could not get over just how smiley and giggly they were.  I LOVED it!  So, […]

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Cutie Patootie! {Houston, Texas Family Photographer}

My three year old daughter’s new favorite word is “Cute Patootie.”  Whenever she sees something see likes and something she thinks is cute, she’ll say “That’s a Cutie Patootie!”  It’s truly the highest compliment she can give. Well, when my daughter saw pictures of this little girl, she said, “Mommy, she’s a Cutie Patootie!”  Yep, […]

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Girls Will Be Girls! {Houston, TX Family Photographer}

As much fun as it was to photograph the little boy in the family, I simply adored photographing this little girl!  The camera just simply LOVED her!!!  She was so sweet, beautiful, and the quintessential American Girl.  The bond between her and her mom was unmistakeable!  I loved it!  Watching them interact together was so […]

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