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Colin’s Puppy Dog Party {Katy Child Photographer}

I’m a total sucker for a good party.  I love going to parties and I LOVE throwing parties.  I get so excited after Christmas each year because it’s my birthday in January, then my son’s birthday, then my husband’s birthday, and then my daughter’s birthday (all in a four month span). So, it’s nice in May when I’m able to sit back for eight months and think of themes and creative ideas for the next year’s parties.

And deciding to throw Colin a Puppy Dog birthday party for his second birthday was a no-brainer!  He is absolutely CRAZY for puppy dogs!  We drive down the street and his head is always cocked to the right with his little eyes scanning the sidewalks for four-legged friends.  And when he sees one, he squeals with delight.  There’s nothing he likes more right now than puppy dogs!

Since it was in the low 40s on Saturday, we went to Plan B and cleared out our dining room and set up the bounce house inside for ten of Colin’s little friends.  We called it “The Dog House”!  They romped and played, and toppled all over each other.  And when they got tired, we had a Puppy Dog Play-Dough station set up in the family room.  For lunch we served HotDOGS and CornDOGS and PUPcakes for dessert.  And, of course, everyone left with a DOGGIE bag of treats!

I wanted to show one last picture.  I tried to get a little creative here and make little Corn Dog Trees for the kids to eat.  I thought it turned out cute, but maybe I’m being just a little “corny.”  I also need to give a HUGE thank you to Sherry from Party Pops. She helped with the decorations and is fabulous!  If you hadn’t seen her website, you must check it out: http://partypops.blogspot.com/

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