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Fifty-Two on Friday (10) Out of Focus {Houston Natural Light Photographer}

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is “Out of Focus.”  I know, they keep getting tougher each week!  Wait until next week; I’m still trying to figure out where to take it!

Anyway, as photographers we train ourselves (perhaps a little too much so) to always get the main subject in focus. I remember when I was first learning how to shoot in manual and to shoot creatively, everything it seemed was out-of-focus.  I was so frustrated.  Now that I’ve trained my brain to always shoot IN focus, it’s really hard to shoot images OUT-of-focus. But, although it was kinda challenging, it was fun!  Lots of fun!

These past few weeks, we’ve had the Houston Rodeo in town.  The Houston Rodeo is an absolute blast!  And along with the rodeo comes the biggest, zaniest, craziest carnival you’ll ever laid your eyes on!  It’s enormous!  So, one night last week, I snuck away from the rodeo for a little bit and went around and shot pictures of the carnival that were, you guessed, it completely out-of-focus. But, I think they turned out kinda cool.

For more out-of-focus fun, hop on over to Michelle’s blog to see what she’s put together: www.rememberthis-photographybymichelle.com.


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