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Fifty-Two on Friday (18) Protection

This week’s Fifty Two on Friday theme is Protection.  Aside from Mommy and Daddy, most little kids find protection through their “blankee” or a favorite teddy bear or other stuffed animal.  My silly little boy, rather, finds protection through his pacifier or should I say pacifiers!  And he’s developed quite the collection always interchanging them in his mouth.  Whenever he’s unsure of himself or in a new situation, or just feels like “being little,” he reaches for his pacifier.  He plays with his pacifiers, he sleeps with them, and he carries them around the house with him in a little bucket.  They are always close by.   At night, he sleeps with one in his mouth and one in each hand. In the middle of the night, sometimes I’ll hear little cries, “I need more pas.  I need more pas,” as if three aren’t enough.  He’s never really gotten attached to a blanket or a stuffed animal, but it’s his pacifiers that he just can’t do without.


Next up in the circle is photographer Susie Gaal from SPG Photography in St. Louis, Missouri: http://spgphoto.com/blog/.


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