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Fifty Two on Friday (19) Memorial Day

This week’s Fifty Two on Friday theme is Memorial Day.  It’s funny because I was looking forward to this theme the least, but it actually turned out to be my most favorite theme yet!   To many Memorial Day is viewed as a day of solemn remembrance.  I understand and appreciate that, but I also think that Memorial Day should be viewed as a day of celebration.  It should be a day to celebrate our liberty, our freedom, our democracy, and everything that makes America so great!   Hundred of thousands of brave men and woman sacrificed their lives so we could live in a world of peace and in a land of freedom.  And what a great land it is!

In thinking how best to honor Memorial Day, I thought what symbolizes freedom, hope, America?  I kept coming back to simply showcasing all things America from my kids; to red, white, and blue balloons; the quintessential all-American Radio Flyer bike; our beloved Pepsi Cola; and Converse (my favorite).  To anyone who has served, or who has family who’s served in the armed forces, THANK YOU!   My heart is full of gratitude.  XOXO

Next up in the circle is Julie Livermore, Wyoming Photographer: http://julielivermorephotography.com

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