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Fifty-Two on Friday (23) Growth

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is Growth.  When I think of the word Growth, my mind immediately goes to my daughter.  I keep telling her to stay little, but she wants to be big oh so badly!  She wants to wear my make-up, pay with my credit cards, plan out the day’s activities, and take charge in the kitchen.

Unlike me, my daughter LOVES to cook . . . but it’s usually in her little play kitchen.  So, you can only image her excitement when the UPS man showed up with a huge box and we open our first (yes our first) Kitchen-Aid Mixer.  Truth be told, I think I was more excited about the color than anything!  :o)

But my daughter, of course, couldn’t get the mixer out of the box fast enough.  She wanted to bake something. So, we baked a chocolate cake.  Okay, let me rephrase that . . . SHE baked a chocolate cake. And she did so All. By. Her. Self.  She insisted all doing it all – all by her little self. Yes, she’s getting big.  At times I can’t believe how big.  Four years of growth. I can only image what the next four years will lead to. :o)

Continue the circle and see how Kimberlee Edwards from Cary, North Carolina interprets Growth:  www.kimberleeedwards.com/blog.


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