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Fifty-Two on Friday (27) Silhouette

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is Silhouette.  And, I must admit, I got a little cocky here and thought this would be an easy theme.   Right . . .  Although I had never before attempted to shoot a silhouette scene (you know me, I’m a color gal), I thought how difficult could it be?!  And I had the scene all laid out in my head for weeks and was so excited . . . and then nothing went as planned.

The sun hid behind the densely packed rain clouds for all but a five minute window, and it was so windy that I knew we’d just all blow away!   I had visions of my kids holding and dancing under a myriad of seven scattered umbrellas.  But, it was so windy that my little boy couldn’t pick up his umbrella to save his life.  And my daughter . . . oh no!  She would not even get close to an umbrella and was crying the whole time that the wind was blowing her away.  As for the five other umbrellas not pictured . . . well they all blew away.  But, this story does have a happy ending . . . we packed up and I took the kids “alligator hunting.”  We didn’t actually see any alligators, but we can pretend right?!

Next up in the circle is the very talented and lovely Ginger Unzueta, a photographer from Central Florida: http://www.gingerunzuetaphotography.com/blog.

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