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Fifty-Two on Friday (31) Back to School

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is Back to School.  And unlike most of the kids around the nation, our kids still have three weeks left of summer.  But, we can pretend can’t we?!  Actually, my daughter’s favorite thing to do is play make believe.  So, when I told her that we’re going to get out her school lunch box and take a picture, she said “I know Mommy.  Let’s play school.  I’ll be the teacher, and you and Colin can be the students.”

So, for the rest of the afternoon she insisted I call her, “Miss Hayley” and she kept referring to me as “the other kid.”  Great . . .  So, with her being the teacher, she wanted to act out her school day.  She made us lunches (including Sydney who’s still currently residing in my tummy) and then put our lunch boxes and nap mats inside our “cubbies.”  And then it was time for lunch and a school lesson.  I must say, Miss Hayley can be a little bossy.

After our school lesson, it was playtime and then nap time for me and Colin.  And then after nap time, finally Miss Hayley let her brother do something that he wanted to do . . . puzzles.  Oh how that boy loves puzzles!   Yep, my kiddos are definitely getting exciting about preschool starting.  And so am I! 😮

Next check out photographer Ginger Unzueta to see what Back to School looks like in her household: www.gingerunzuetaphotography.com/blog.

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