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Fifty-Two on Friday (38) Definition: Fede Speranza Amore

This week’s Fifty-Two on Friday theme is Definition.  The purpose behind this week’s theme is to think of a word (or a group of words in my case) that defines you and perhaps show what in your house represents that definition.  Well, I’m feeling a little silly now.  In our kitchen hangs a plaque with the following words inscribed: “Fede Speranza Amore.”  For the past eight years I thought these words meant “Live Laugh Love,” and I loved this plaque because those three words define me to a tee.  It was as if that plaque was inscribed just for me.  Well . . . in typing up this entry I learned that the true meaning of this Italian phrase is “Faith Hope Love,” which sort of describes me, just not as well as “Live Laugh Love.”  Darn it.

Well . . . for this entry I’m sticking with “Live Laugh Love.”  I believe in truly living in the moment, embracing all you can, and not taking a day for granted.  Love is also a big part of who I am.  I think you should love deeply and passionately.  And laughing, it makes the world go round!  When I think of these three elements together I think of my family.  They are my whole world.  I love our life together, the love between us, and all the fun, silly moments we have together.  This past weekend we took the kids miniature golfing for the first time.  Wow!  What were we thinking?!  They were little nuts!  They had more fun throwing the balls into the water than they did guiding the balls into the holes.  But, we had fun.  So here’s to us living, laughing, and loving!


Next up in the blog circle is the very talented Nancy Schumacher from Thompson, ND: http://nancyschumacherphotography.blogspot.com.

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