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Fifty-Two on Friday (6) Bokeh {Houston Natural Light Photographer}

Ah, bokeh!!!  Photographers LOVE bokeh!  And that’s what this week’s theme is all about . . . creamy, yummy, delicious bokeh. Photographers love to use bokeh in photos because it directs the viewers’ attention to what’s most prominent in an image, while blurring out the rest.  Plus, it’s fun to do and can look really cool.  Originally, I was planning on doing a mini-shoot of my kids, but neither they nor the weather cooperated with me this week. So, I went to photographing what my kids love best: crayons and colorful blocks!  Who would have thought I’d have just as much fun playing as they did!

Now head on over to photographer Amy Ames in Holly Springs, North Carolina for her take on this week’s theme: www.amyamesphotography.com.

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