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Girls Stole the Show! {Houston Family Photographer}

Yep, these girls (or rather “ladies”) definitely stole the show!  With their pink coordinating outfits and accessories, they looked gorgeous!  The boys looked pretty good too, but my camera could not stop photographing these three gals. Wouldn’t you agree that they each have the most perfect complexions and gorgeous smiles?!  Yep, I’m jealous.  And I promise, we did get lots of pictures of the boys. Check out the last two at the end. The one of them texting – during our photo shoot – is classic!  And you must see the picture of this mom at the end. She really looks like a model. Very pretty!

This family was without a doubt one of the kindest and most relaxed families I’ve met.  It was great!  They loved having their picture taken, which made my job oh so easy.

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