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Hugs and Giggles {Houston, Texas Family Photographer}

In all my time as a photographer I’ve never before had someone little, who I’ve never met, jump out of the car and run up and give me a hug!  But, that’s exactly what this little girl did.  I loved it!  She was so cute. Usually I have to warm up to kids . . . oh and sometimes I have to warm up the parents :o), but not with these kids (or with the parents).  The kids were so happy and giggly from the start. And this little boys blue eyes . . . totally real. He had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!  And the weather for this session, it was perfect . . .  until the cloud burst.  We were soaked and SO far away from our cars!  So, we did a Part 2 mini-shoot a couple of weeks later. And by that time this little boy was sitting up.  So, thank you cloud burst!  Enjoy your sneak peek.  They’ll be more cute ones coming your way.

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