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I Finally Caved {Houston Family Photographer}

As many of you know, six weeks ago today I was in a Total Conditioning class at the gym doing jumping lunges with 12 lb weights in each hand (not a good combination).  Well, the inside of my left foot accidentally landed on the step behind me and I dislocated my knee and tore my patellar retinaculum. It was not a pretty sight! So, three paramedics, one ambulance ride, two nurses, and one ER doctor later, knee is back in place and I’m now I’m on the road to recovery (compliments of one great orthopedic specialist and some awesome physical therapists).

But, life in the Stuckey household has been complete and utter chaos.  My kids have flooded the downstairs bathroom, created a styrofoam snowstorm, broke our glass coffee table, ransacked their play closet, tracked poop all over the house (on multiple occasions), deflowered the flower garden, painted the downstairs green, and have created more messes than I could possibly imagine!!!  Yep, being on crutches with a one year old and a three year old in a house full of stairs and with a husband who works long hours has been out-of-control. But, I’m stubborn and kept thinking I could keep up with photo sessions and handle everything on my own.

Well, when my daughter “hand-stamped” our custom chair this past week, I decided, yeah, I think it’s time to bring in some help. Ah, it’s been glorious!!!  I actually have time to play with my kids, rather than merely clean up their messes all day long.  And so far today, nothing has been broken or destroyed (knock on wood).  So, I’ve decided to let my knee heal and will resume sessions on Wednesday July 7th. If you already have a session booked, you’re still on the calendar. Enjoy the sunshine!

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