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Jinky Highs {Katy, TX Children’s Photographer}

Whenever someone would ask how I got into photography, I would always respond that I got the shutter bug after my children were born.  I wanted to capture each and every moment, but would get perpetually frustrated that I was never able to capture those moments the way I wanted to remember them.

Well . . . that explanation was only half the story.  The other half involves a photographer from Australia named Barb Uil (otherwise known as JinkyArt).  I happened across her website almost two years ago, and was completely captivated by her images and drawn into her world.  Her work is pure magic.  She has an unparalleled ability to capture images through the eyes of a child.  I simply adore her style and had never seen anything quite like it.

When Barb announced this past January that she was coming to the United States this summer to teach a series of workshops, I leapt at the opportunity.  I couldn’t believe it and counted down the days like a little girl counting down to Christmas. And Christmas in August it was indeed!  Last week I had the incredible opportunity of spending three days in Pennsylvania with twelve other amazing photographers watching Barb create magic.  Each day was completely inspirational.  I loved every minute!  Barb and her family are beautiful inside and out.

The first night we had the pleasure of photographing her adorable and spunky daughter.  It was so much fun and the perfect way to start things out.  Enjoy the pictures.  There will be lots more to follow.

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