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Lickety Split {Katy, TX Senior Photographer}

I think every photographer needs someone that they can grab, pull out the door, and say “Hey, can I practice a little bit and take a few pictures of you?” and that person will always up for it and will look adorable in every photo!  That person for me is my cute, sweetheart of a sister-in-law.  Too bad she lives 1,480 miles away!  Darn it.

But, she was in town visiting earlier this year, so I was determined to get out and take some pictures of her.  I knew just the perfect location too and since I’m super good at directions, GPS or maps were NOT needed . . . or so I thought. We took a wrong freeway exit and got COMPLETELY lost in a myriad of interconnecting neighbors in and around the Montrose district.  I knew we were close, we just couldn’t get there.  With twenty minutes left of available light we were literally on a race against the sun.

Finally, I spied this really cool phone booth and shouted, “let’s go there!”  We grab some  shots and were off again. We grabbed some more shots, and then finally let the sun prevail, and we relaxed at Yogurt Land.  Whew!  Lesson learned. Print off those MapQuest directions and always carry your GPS!  But, really, doesn’t she look adorable?!

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