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Sydney Kate Stuckey

On Thursday November 10, 2011, with the arrival of Sydney Kate Stuckey, our little family of four became of family of five!!!  She was born at 1:39pm and came out weighing 7 pounds even and was 20 3/4 inches long.  She’s our little string bean!

And she’s sweet, oh so sweet.  She just melts my heart every time I look at her.  I am absolutely smitten by her.  People told me that having your second and third child would never be as exciting as having your first, but that’s so not true.  I’m every bit as smitten with her as I was with my first two children when they were born.  And perhaps even more so because with Hayley and Colin, we always knew we wanted another child.  I knew I’d get to do this again.  With Sydney, I kept wondering whether our family is going to be complete at five (which sounds like so many already) or if there’s another little one waiting for us up in heaven.

So that day I was trying to relish and savor every teeny tiny moment, and those moments were going by way too fast. That day was going by way too fast.  I even got a little emotional leaving the hospital.  So many women leave the hospital thinking, “I am done with childbirth. Whoa hoa!  This is it.”  I left the hospital wanting another little baby, wanting to do everything all over again.  There are some moments you just want to bottle up and hold onto forever.  This was one of the those moments.

As I write this, Sydney is now one week old.  It amazes me how much love I can have for someone that I’ve only known for seven days.

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