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Playroom is Finished!

It’s been almost a year in the making – from painting the walls to ordering the custom sofa, finding the perfect fabric, sewing the pillow covers, making the window treatment, finding a cute little white table, making the lamp shade, finding and putting together the wall decal and canvases, waiting on our summer family pictures, and then designing and custom ordering all the frames for the photos – but our Playroom is finally finished.  Whew!

Yes, a lot went into this playroom.  But, I LOVE it!!!!  It’s whimsical, fun, playful!  It’s perfect!  It’s a room that I love being in to play with the kiddos. They love it too!  And the closet hides most all their toys, which is great!  Plus, we didn’t completely get rid of guest room.  The yellow couch actually folds out to a fairly comfortable queen sized bed.  Plus, now our guests have a room full of toys to keep them occupied (oh and a Mac computer).  So, here it is!!!!!



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