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Pretty Packaging {Katy, Texas Childrens Photographer}

I LOVE pretty packaging!   The more bows, ribbons, frills, and embellishments the better!  My family often teases me because I’ll spend hours and hours  meticulously wrapping each one of the Christmas presents, so they look like little jewel boxes under the Christmas tree.  But, I love it!  My husband calls it “fru fru”!  I call it an essential part of the experience.  Whether you’re a wrapper or a non-wrapper, you’ve got to admit that it’s so much more fun to open something that came in a little  blue box than in a brown paper bag.

So when I told my husband earlier this year that I thought Jack and Jane deserved some super cute packaging, he was not surprised and actually agreed to it.  Yippee!  So, I enlisted the help of the uber-talented logo and branding designer, Kim Drury of Madilu Designs. I think we spent a little over a month designing and creating my logo and packaging materials, but the wait was oh so worth it.  And my set was even featured on the fabulous design site, Paperie Boutique.  Here’s a sneak peek here, but if you want to see more you’ll have to check out Paperie Boutique!

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