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She’s Four! She’s Four!

It’s hard to believe my little chicky (aka Rapunzel, who now she wants to be called) turned four today!  She’s definitely her own little person and had such a sweetness about her that melts my heart.  She is forever wearing dresses and refuses to put on pants, shorts, or even a skirt.  Even when it’s 40 degrees outside, that girl’s in a dress!  And usually 5-6 dresses a day.  She’s becoming more and more girly by the week!  I love to watch her make up dances (chatta cha), sing songs into her little microphone, and plan out extravagant birthday parties for all her animals (I think she takes after her mom).

And what she likes best is watching her little brother follow her around like the toddler paparazzi. Where ever she goes, he goes. When she falls down, he falls down.  Whenever she cries, he cries. It’s very sweet!  They chase bunny rabbits together around the backyard, have picnics, make pillow forts, and get into more mischief than I ever thought imaginable!  She LOVES being the leader and having someone little to boss around.  And her brother wants nothing more than to be included. I love you little Woozle!  Happy birthday!  XOXO


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