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Sky Masterson {Katy TX High School Senior Photographer}

I love theater!   Whenever there’s a top Broadway show in town, we’re usually the first to buy tickets. I also love, almost as much, “little theater” where you see local talent up on stage. Last fall I found out our neighborhood high school was putting on the musical “Guys and Dolls.”  I’ve always wanted to see that musical.  So, of course, we bought tickets!  And the show was AMAZING!!!!  Truly amazing!  But what stood out to me was the lead character, Sky Masterson.  He was good looking, smooth, charming, a great actor, a total natural.  He really made the show.

Well fast forward four months when I get a call from one very proud mother who wants to schedule a senior photo shoot for her son.  Come to find out her son was the one who played “Sky Masterson” in the high school performance Guys and Dolls!  Very cool.  Very cool indeed.  So he easily covered up any apprehension he may have had about the shoot (if there was any) and we had a lot of fun!  And while he loves the arts, he loves history even more. I can totally relate.  I love history too!  I’m excited to see where he’ll go in life.  I’m sure it will be far!  Enjoy your sneak peek.


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