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Stuckey Family Christmas 2010 . . . Just a few more

I just couldn’t help myself.  The kids are nestled all snug in their beds while I have visions of Christmas . . . and all those photos to edit . . . dancing in my head.  This Christmas was definitely the best one yet!  We stayed home this year and woke up in our own bed!  And our two kiddos were SO into it . . . and the excitement all started three months BEFORE Christmas when all the store put on their decorations.

My daughter Hayley is three and this year really started grasping the concept of Santa Claus and also Jesus Christ.  And to my surprise (I guess I shouldn’t be surprised), she was more interested in Jesus than Santa Claus.  For every question she’d ask me about Santa Claus, she’d ask another five more about Jesus.  It was really sweet!  So, we hit as many church nativities and Christ-centered events that I could find!  When we weren’t looking for the Baby Jesus, we built snowmen, made gingerbread houses, drank hot chocolate, wrapped presents (LOTS of presents), baked cookies and more cookies, sang Christmas songs, went looking for lights, sat on Santa’s lap, wanted Christmas movies, kissed under the mistletoe, and enjoyed being together.  For that’s what Christmas is all about, celebrating the birth of our Savior and loving each other!

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