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The Beach Boys {Katy, TX Children’s Photographer}

This was such a fun session for me!  Not only were the boys great during the whole shoot, but you could totally see the love between them.  And it was so easy to get this group of boys to smile. I could tell they were having a lot of fun. And I’ll even let you in on a little secret . . . I came to visit the oldest boy in the hospital just after he was born. That was almost eighteen years ago! If you haven’t guessed it, these boys are my best friend Mandee’s younger brothers.  So, when she came to see her new baby brother in the hospital, I was right there with her.  Mandee is married now with her own set of kids, so while we tried, she insisted on keeping these pictures of just the kids living at home. We’ll get her next time. 😮

The most memorable part about this session was when I asked the parents if they wanted to get in a few shots (the session was originally planned for just the boys) and the parents agreed!!!  And the pictures turned out GREAT (as if we had planned a family session along).  Thanks everyone for having such a great time!  I can’t wait to see how these pictures look up on your walls the next time we come out to California to visit. 😮

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