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Up! Up! And Away! {Katy, TX Child Photographer}

My husband and I are going up, up, and away for a ten day vacation, so Jack and Jane Photography will be closed for a much deserved break as well.  I’m so excited, but oh so nervous too!!!  It’s the first time we’ve both left the kids for longer than a day since we’ve been married.  And now ten days?!?! But, I know they’ll do great!  Their grandparents are wonderful!!!

While we’re away, we won’t have any phone access, and will have very limited access to e-mail. So, I’ll try to return e-mail messages, but it may take a little while. So, where are we going?!  Well, you will just have to see!  In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with a picture.  More fun ones from this cute little boy to come!  :o)

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